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Prices have risen dramatically over the last year, along with corporate profits, while real wages and incomes – purchasing power – continue their dramatic fall.

Who’s responsible? The corporate monopolies and their governments who are over-seeing the most massive transfer of wealth from the working class to the corporations and the rich in decades.

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Corporate think tanks like the Fraser Institute, corporate media like the National Post, and right-wing governments claim that workers and unions are responsible for massive price hikes.

It’s corporations that set the prices and reap the profits
, while workers’ wages continue to fall behind – eaten up by inflated prices and sky-rocketing profits.

Corporate landlords, banks, and grocery chains raked in billions while food, fuel and rent became unaffordable and hunger and homelessness rose across the country. It’s unrestrained corporate power and greed that’s responsible for this crisis, aided and abetted by governments that enact wage restraints, corporate tax cuts, privatization, and divert social spending to the military.


March 21st – Additional Tour Date for March

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Upcoming Tour Dates – March 2023

Friday, March 10th, OTTAWA– 1:30 pm, Parliament Press Conference, Rally and March at 80 Wellington St. (Across from the Parliament ) Sunday, March 12, SURREY – 2:30 to 4 pm, Liz Rowley ...

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