• Cut military spending by 75% and convert to civilian spending and universal social programs
  • Get out of NATO and NORAD, end all arms exports including to Israel, and adopt an independent Canadian foreign policy of peace and disarmament
  • Develop an emergency plan to reduce emissions to net zero now
  • Nationalize energy and natural resources and transition to renewable energy now
  • Build public transit including inter-city rail
  • Curb corporate power and profits:
    • Roll back prices on food, fuel and housing
    • Double corporate taxes; close tax loopholes and tax havens
    • Build public and social housing; and enact strict rent control legislation reducing rents to 20% of income across Canada
    • Cancel free trade deals and enact multi-lateral and fair trade with all countries
    • Create value added jobs and raise wages and living standards


The Liberals and Tories oppose these demands and will fight to block them. They represent Big Business – including the arms industry and the military in Canada.
Les banques canadiennes ont également engrangé 57 milliards de dollars de bénéfices l’année dernière, distribuant 19 milliards de dollars aux cadres supérieurs, tandis que les propriétaires d’entreprises et l’industrie du gaz et du pétrole ont également affiché des bénéfices records.


Working people need to unite and to fight together for these policies to win real change. A People’s Coalition comprised of the labour and democratic movements, the Communist Party, and others who agree with these policies, can mobilize working people across Canada to secure big gains.